Building Relationships through
Investment Education & Partnerships

Building Relationships through Investment Education & Partnerships

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Mark uses his 35+ years of accounting experience to bring you educational tips on how our government gives us tax breaks when we create real estate and resources that improve our communities and support our economy.

35 Years of Professional Financial Experience,
I'm Mark Livingston

In 1985 I began my corporate career in Public Accounting auditing companies in many industries including real estate, manufacturing and energy.

In 1989 I transitioned to industry where I gained experience in finance and accounting and developed my understanding of taking acceptable business risks and how to control the unacceptable risks.

In 2000, I made another transition when I started taking leadership roles in Finance and Accounting, including leading Audit departments, Financial Reporting and eventually taking Chief Accounting Officer positions.

In 2015, I added Real Estate investing and built a team that eventually became an investing syndication business.

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I have learned that learning from others and continually networking with people are two key activities to a successful career.  I regularly attended selected events with the goal to continue learning from others and to meet as many people as possible.

Below are events that I have attended recently or plan to attend in the near future.

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​I have learned a lot in the last five years by doing a lot of reading. Here is a list of books I have read

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How to Engage with Mark

What can you learn from Mark’s extensive financial and investing experience:

  • how the Wall Street machine makes money off you whether your investments go up or down,
  • how to know who you are investing with, not just what you are investing in,
  • how you can obtain double-digit cash-on-cash returns while at the same time have the potential for capital appreciation,
  • how you can reduce your taxes at the same time,
  • and, potentially how you can use certain types of investments to reduce the income taxes on your W-2 income.

Mark’s ultimate goal is to help you develop a strategies for investing that help you obtain those benefits listed above.

  • Mark has personally invested and sold over 100 vacant land deals. Investing in land does not provide any tax benefits, so this is great for tax-deferred or tax-free funds.
  • Mark helped raise 8 figure funds to purchase a midstream company in the energy space.
  • Mark has developed relationships with self storage operators and natural resource investments allowing for syndicated investments in such assets.
  • Mark is currently working on investment opportunities in Housing, Helium and Hydrogen to power fuel-cell vehicles in order to reduce the carbon being pumped into the atmosphere.
  • Built an experienced team of experts to handle any potential risks as they arise as well as the periodic tasks required to manage such investments.

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