My Story

Hello! I’m Mark

I am a corporate executive and CPA who has built successful teams in various industries and currently leads finance teams in multiple states and countries.

I use my 35+ years of professional financial experience to create profitable investment strategies with real estate and natural resource projects.

Professionally, I have has had a career as an Internal Audit leader and as an Accounting Executive.

From 2000-2012, I built Internal Audit departments at three public companies. Additionally, during that period, I helped one of my employers undertake a massive financial restatement project and re-establish proper accounting controls and processes.

From 2012-2023, I have led the SEC and public company reporting of three different companies and served as the Chief Accounting Officer for two of those companies.

I am also a family man with a wife and three grown children and a menagerie of rescue animals. With the kids being grown up, you have to take advantage of the limited times you can get everyone together.

In 2015, Mark began a journey to educate himself on real estate investing and develop his own “side business” to improve the performance of his personal investment portfolio with investments in real estate.  As of 2020, that business has turned just over 100 transactions involving raw vacant land.

Beginning in 2019, that business started partnering with several other successful real estate investor/operators to syndicate investments.  In 2020, Mark began to help educate others that are interested in learning how easily they can take control of their investment portfolio, invest in real estate and improve the financial performance of their portfolio. 

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